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Mahdi Alavi

Software Developer | Data Engineer | Petroleum Engineer

About Me

Software Developer and Petroleum Reservoir Engineer curently working as technical engineer in upstream sector of Oil and Gas industry. Self-motivated and skilful in creative problem solving, time management and critical thinking with succesful teamwork and leadership expreince.

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Current Main Activites

  • * Development of Windows Fom Applications for Well Monitoring and Well Interity Management System
  • * Developing web based application for full field management system
  • * Data modeling and database design
  • * Technical and business data analysis and designing analytical dashboards
  • * Gas Well Production Analysis and Survelience
  • * Well Integrity Management System



Vb.NET, C#

Linux, git, github, Docker

Python, FastAPI, Django, Dajngo Rest(DRF) SQLALchemy, Pandas, scikit-learn, Pyspark

Javascript,Typescript, React, Html, Css, Tailwind

Databses: SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Petroleum Engineering


RCAL, Core Flooding

Gas Well Test Analysis

Well Integrity Management

Oilfield water scaling analysis





Web Design, Wordpress